safer, faster, more convenient
the next generation
in ultrasound probe disinfection

Trophon® EPR System

The trophon EPR is a complete ultrasound High-Level Disinfection system that's fast, easy to use, environmentally friendly and quality assured.

1. Trophon EPR

  • The trophon EPR is simple and cost effective to use
  • The trophon EPR stores all disinfection cycle data which can be downloaded on a request basis or at your 12 monthly preventative maintenance service
  • There are only two items required for use with the trophon EPR to deliver high level disinfection

2. Sonex HL/NanoNebulant Cartridges

  • Changing cartridges is a quick, clean and easy process
  • There is no need for chemical mixing or neutralisation
  • Each cartridge is made from recyclable plastic materials
  • Empty cartridges can be disposed of in a standard waste receptacle or as per your practice’s disposal procedures

3. Chemical Indicators

  • Each box contains 300 indicator tabs
  • Successful probe disinfection is indicated by a change in colour from red to yellow
  • Each box includes a handy colour assessment chart to cross check that the probe has undergone successful HLD