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NanoNebulant is branded as Sonex-HL
in North America and Canada


NanoNebulant /Sonex -HL are the trophon EPR disinfectant cartridges that are quick and easy to replace and last multiple high level disinfection cycles. The sealed design of the cartridge helps protect your staff by limiting exposure to harmful chemicals.

Chemical Indicators

The Chemical Indicators are used exclusively for monitoring the high level disinfection (HLD) process when placed within the trophon EPR chamber. A new Chemical Indicator is required for each HLD cycle. The in-process chemical indicator provides independent quality assurance of HLD.

Documentation and traceability solution

trophon® Printer

The trophon Printer delivers an easy-to-use traceability solution for high level disinfection. It prints high quality trophon disinfection labels each and every cycle, with seven year print stability. High quality trophon printer paper roll can generate up to 900 thermal adhesive labels which can be easily attached to the medical records.

trophon® Connect

The trophon Connect a stand-alone software that helps you meet documentation requirements and aids in auditing records. It enables easy downloading and recording of trophon EPR high level disinfection (HLD) data from the device to a personal computer (PC).

trophon® Logbook

The trophon Logbook provides a framework to easily record important disinfection steps. It helps you meet best practice standards for reprocessing ultrasound probes. Compatible with trophon Printer labels, the logbook is easy to use and can be adapted to your traceability requirements.


Clean Ultrasound Probe Cover

Clean Ultrasound Probe Covers are custom designed to protect intracavity and surface ultrasound probes from the risk of recontamination (through handling or the environment) after high level disinfection. They cover the entire probe, including the handle, and help you meet CDC guidelines, and TJC recommendations.1


1. CDC Health Alert Network September 11, 2015. Available from: American National Standard: The ANSI/AAMI ST58:2013 Chemical Sterilization and High-level Disinfection in Health Care Facilities.

trophon Cart

The trophon Cart makes the trophon EPR fully mobile at the point of care in your ultrasound suite.

trophon Printer Cart Mount

The trophon Printer Cart Mount is designed for securely attaching the trophon Printer to the trophon Cart, in an easily accessible, convenient location.

trophon Wall Mount

The trophon Wall Mount is a convenient option for installing the trophon EPR where there are space constraints.

trophon Printer Wall Mount

The trophon Printer Wall Mount is custom designed for secure, horizontal mounting of the trophon Printer to a wall, and includes a cable tidy area for convenience.

Curved Probe Positioner

The trophon Curved Probe Positioner (CPP) is an accessory which improves the positioning of approved curved probes in the trophon EPR chamber. Probes approved for use with the CPP are listed on the trophon EPR Validated Ultrasound Probes List.