Nanosonics' Unique Platform Technology

Nanosonics' unique platform technology produces a proprietary disinfectant containing sub-micron mist which can be quickly distributed to surfaces requiring disinfection or sterilisation.

At the end of the process, Nanosonics' process breaks down the mist leaving oxygen and water as the primary by-products.


Nanosonics' platform technologies have a number of core benefits compared to existing methods, including broad based applications, operator & patient safety and environmentally friendly by-products, low operating temperatures and disinfectant efficacy. Initial applications for our technologies will be designed to address significant challenges currently facing medical and healthcare markets.

A foundation for future product development

Nanosonics' platform technologies provide the foundation for future product development. The company is exploring a number of potential opportunities to adapt its technology into best in class disinfection solutions, designed to meet the needs of target markets.