Protecting our unique platform technology

Nanosonics has taken a strategic position in the protection of its methodologies of disinfections and sterilisation using aerosols over a wide variety of chemistries. It has also taken significant steps to protect the design and technology of its launched product, Trophon® EPR.

Our patent families

The table below lists our patent families that are being prosecuted through key international markets.

Patent Family Patent
Patent Family 1 Improved Disinfection
Patent Family 2 Quaternary Ammonium Compound Liquid Disinfectant
Patent Family 3 Space Disinfection
Patent Family 4 Improved Aerosol
Patent Family 5 Membrane Sterilisation
Patent Family 6 Membrane Concentrator
Patent Family 7 Membrane Vapor Concentrator
Patent Family 8 Sub-cycle Based Disinfection System
Patent Family 9 Aerosol Sensor
Patent Family 10 Safe Chemical Delivery System
Patent Family 11 Nebulizer Manifold
Patent Family 12 Liquid Level Sensor
Patent Family 13 Disinfection Product and Process
Patent Family 14 A Method And An Apparatus Of Disinfection
Design Family 1 Bottle